Rental of used wing foil gear : the charter of confidence

We make sure to provide quality equipment even for second hand wing foil rental! Several control points are carried out on the equipment. We evaluate the general state of wear and tear as well as the various safety devices. Any possible holes, cracks are repaired so that you can ride in complete safety. We work with a professional sailmaker for all repairs when necessary for the wings.( In the same way for the boards and foils, all repairs are carried out by a professional shaper in order to guarantee quality. Finally, we work with a line supplier, already working with the big market leaders, for any problems that may occur with the bars. We validate the use of the material in the conditions of use defined by the manufacturer.


Inflation test for 12 hours to identify any leaks.


Detection of possible repairs on the wings (done or to be done before the sale)


Composite condition verification de l’état du composite (impact, delamination,…)


Detection of possible repairs (done or to be done before the sale)

All repairs (if any) on second hand wing foiling equipment are announced in the product sheets