Kitesurfing gear on Spleased – Rental purchase option

Find in our online kitesurf shop all kitesurfing gear you need to practice: kites, boards, complete packs among our partner brands(Cabrinha, North Kiteboarding,…). Rental purchase option is also available on second hand kitesurfing gear. We make sure to provide quality equipment even for second hand kitesurfing rental! Several control points are carried out on the equipment. No more need to buy directly but rather enjoy rental purchase option. There are several advantages.. Need help? We are here to answer all questions you could have.

Want to find the best kitesurfing gear?

You found your sport? Kitesurfing? Excellent choice! Now you just have to inquire about a kitesurfing gear and you are on the right page.
A complete kiteboarding pack includes a kite, bar, board, pump, wetsuit and harness. This is the minimum to be able to practice. Then each kite has different sizes and shapes to meet all the needs of a kiteboarder. Having a smaller kite size will for example allow you to go kitesurfing in a stronger wind. We find the same characteristics on a kiteboard. We have several sizes, shapes and materials used, thus modifying the buoyancy, lift and stiffness of the board.

How to choose your kitesurfing gear?

Choosing your material is an important moment. That's why we have created a kitesurfing equipment selection form to help you make the right decision =). You can also contact us directly via the conversation module at the bottom right of the screen where we can guide you. Want to have someone on the phone? That's possible too, don't hesitate to call us at 00 33 6 79 33 62 01.

Why take a kitesurfing gear for rent with purchase option?

Rental purchase option brings several advantages. The first one is to be able to always kitesurf with a recent gear at the top safety level. In fact, we make every effort to check the equipment before each rental through our charte. Moreover, this allows us to smooth an investment. The equipment you like at the end of the contract, it's possible to buy it! In the same way, you wish to renew your kitesurfing gear, you don't bother with the second hand market, we get back the equipment and send you back the new one. Simple, no ?

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