You will find below the terms and conditions of the optional Breakage and Theft kitesurfing insurance offered by our partner Tulip.

The main guarantees and exclusions of kitesurfing insurance.

Breakage insurance

What is assured

Accidental breakage
Problem breaker manufacturing



What is not assured

Damage caused intentionally or with complicity
Damage caused by normal wear and tear

Theft Insurance

What is assured

Breaking and entering
Robbery by assault
Theft when picked up by a carrier
Flight when picked up by an airline*

What is not assured

Voluntary loss or oblivion
Theft of equipment left unattended
Theft committed by or with the complicity of a member of your family

*In the event of a baggage delay on one of your favourite destinations, you have up to 150 euros refunded for the rental of equipment while waiting for yours!

Other exclusions of warranties

Damage caused by wear and tear due to improper maintenance
Accessories such as harness, wetsuit, pump or boardbag.

The complete conditions of the kitesurfing insurance.

How to report a claim?

As soon as he becomes aware of a claim, the member must declare it at the latest:
– For Breakage Cover, within 5 working days (except in cases of force majeure);
– For Theft Cover, within 2 working days.
The claim must be declared directly on this form.

What supporting documents should be provided?

The member must provide tp Tulip, our insurance partner, the following information by email::

In any case:
– A sworn statement of the exact and detailed circumstances of the claim (including the exact date, time and place of the claim).

In case of theft:
– The police report on which must be mentioned the circumstances of the theft as well as the details of the gear(model/brand) ;

In case of breakage:

– Multi-angle photos of the damaged gear.

In the case of breakage, loss or theft of the insured gear when taken in charge by an approved carrier or airline company:

– all documents relating to the transport of the insured gear,
– the declaration of damage, loss or theft of the approved carrier or the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) receipt issued by the company

In case of baggage delay:

– the invoice for the rental of the equipment.
– the airline’s proof of baggage delay.

What happens if I don’t buy the insurance?

We understand that a tear or “poc” on the board can happen even when you do not purchase insurance. So, in the event that you do not take out insurance, the repair/theft costs are simply your responsibility (with no additional penalty at the end of the rental contract) – check with your Third Party Liability or credit card option as these repair costs can sometimes be covered.