Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about Spleased? The Concept? Subscription, rental?

You should find some of your answers. Still questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 0033 679 33 62 01 or contact@spleased.com.


Spleased.com is an online solution allowing you to rent your equipment (kitesurf, windsurf, wing foil, and foil) through our stores, brands and partner schools. You can do both short term rental (1 week to 1 month), long term rental (12 months to 36 months) and leasing. Everything is done directly online, both on new and second hand equipment. You have the possibility to buy the equipment at the end of the rental contract if you wish.

The company was co-founded by several players in the world of snow sports. We work directly with partner shops.

Like an internet purchase, it's very simple to do:

1) Choose the store
2) Choose the rental period that suits you best
3) Choose your equipment
4) Fill in your details online
5) Make the first monthly payment and you are ready to receive your equipment!

We offer two types of rentals. The short term rental (one week, two weeks and one month) and the long term rental* (12, 24 and 36 months).

The first advantage of the short term rental is the possibility to complete for example your quiver on one of your holiday destinations (wind lighter than at home, need for a foil,...). It also allows you to test the equipment because for any subsequent subscription to a long term rental contract, we reimburse the short term rental.

The long term rental will allow you to smooth your monthly payments and avoid having a big expense at the acquisition. In the same way, you don't have to worry anymore about the equipment being downsized but simply enjoy your sessions!
*leasing with purchase option (leasing)

Exactly! The new products have a manufacturer's warranty between two and three years finally of the brand which is included in the price of the monthly payments.


When ordering, you will be asked for a bank account number, an identity document and proof of address. In order to validate the latter, you will automatically be directed to our secure service provider GoCardLess for setting up direct debits. All you have to do is fill in your IBAN.

You have to be over 18 years old to rent snow sports equipment. On the other hand, your parents can subscribe in their own name for you.

You can subscribe to the insurance when you add your equipment to the basket. 

It's an optional Breakage, Theft & Delay boardbag insurance. The insurance covers you worldwide.
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In the event of a claim, you contact us directly and we will arrange for your equipment to be repaired by an authorised repairer. An excess of 30€ (50€ for long term offers) will however be asked of you to participate in the costs. 
If the repair costs less than 30€, you only pay the price of the repair. If the repair costs 250€, you only pay 30€.
In the event of theft, an excess of 25% of the value of the equipment will be charged.


We can deliver directly to your home at the beginning of the contract and a carrier picks up the material at the end of the contract. You can also collect the material directly from our partner shops.

If the material is in stock, our carrier delivers within 24 hours in France and 48 hours in Europe. If the material is not in stock, it takes 10 days for delivery.


Absolutely, in the middle of the contract, you can change quiver to start over with new equipment!

Yes, but in the event of cancellation, you must pay the remaining rent in full.


You have three options:

Stop the contract:

    Our carrier comes directly to your home to pick up the material

Starting a new leasing contract 

    Our carrier will pick up your current equipment and deliver your new equipment.

Buy the material 

    At the value defined at the beginning of the leasing contract.

Yes, a price on the purchase option at the end of the contract is defined as soon as the leasing contract is signed.

We understand that a tear or "poc" on the board can happen even when you do not purchase insurance. So, in the event that you do not take out insurance, the repair/theft costs are simply your responsibility (with no additional penalty at the end of the rental contract) - check with your Liability or credit card option as these repair costs can sometimes be covered.

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