Change in the world of kitesurfing

Change in the world of kitesurfing

Changes in the world of kitesurfing

As we have seen over the last 5 years, several developments have taken place on the different brands. Change of owner, creation of a new brand, new mode of distribution… We will give you a little recap of these changes so that you can find your way around.

The new North

It was one of the big changes of the year 2019 but still seems not completely understood by all practitioners =). Boards and More already dealing with several brands in the world of boardsports: North Kiteboarding, Ion, Fanatic,… has decided not to manage the North Kiteboarding brand anymore. However, they have decided to create their own Duotone entity by reusing the different patents they had registered in the development of North Kiteboarding products. We can therefore find the same team working on Duotone with the same product names as the former North: Rebel, Evo, Dice,…
However, the North Kiteboarding brand did not let itself die. Indeed, part of the Cabrinha team, Mike Raper (former Cabrinha brand manager), Pat Goodman (former Cabrinha kite designer), Klaus Warkentin (former Cabrinha brand manager), Hugh Pinfold (former Cabrinha engineer) have decided to leave Cabrinha, to take over the North Kiteboarding entity together with the objective to redevelop a complete range of kites and boards to create the new North. The bet was successful since the complete range was released at the end of 2019, which is neither Duotone nor Cabrinha but new products.

Cabrinha goes back to its roots

Created by the mythical Pete Cabrinha in Hawaii, the brand continued the adventure with the Pryde Group holding company based in Hong Kong and owning various brands in the world of boardsports such as Neilpryde, JP Australia,… Part of the office was therefore based in Hong Kong for product and commercial development while the testers were directly in Hawaii. At the beginning of 2020, the brand decided to go back to basics, by going back completely under Pete Cabrinha’s entity with the offices in Hawaii. No direct impact at the customer level at first glance although perhaps a further development of the wave range given Pete Cabrinha’s strong taste for this discipline.

Best and Eleveight

It’s been almost 3 years since Eleveight, a new brand in the kitesurfing world at the time, has built a great reputation around its products. Former members of Best Kiteboarding, Philippe Martin and Peter Stiewe, co-founders of Eleveight, have decided to recreate their own entity as well as to set up their dealer network which makes it one of their greatest strengths today.

What has become of Best Kiteboarding ? The brand continued to develop its products and by repositioning its distribution channel on direct with online purchases.

Change of ownership for Core

If you follow the world of surfing, this is more seen in the surfing world with the takeover of Bic Sport by Tahe Outdoors but it also has an impact in the world of kitesurfing since this entity has also taken over Core and Carved. Here again, no impact in the eyes of the client.

Birth of Reedin

More recently and with the muse Kevin Langeree, Damien Girardin (former kite designer of Naish Kiteboarding) decided to create his own kitesurfing brand Reedin offering a kite, a twintip and a surf for the moment. The kites are in pre-order and a distribution circuit seems to be in progress with different partner shops.

New distribution models

The kitesurfing market today is mainly through kitesurf shops, online shops and the second hand market. However, in the last few years, new distribution channels have appeared, short, like Gong and Takoon. In the same way, a new distribution model has been emerging in the last few weeks with Spleased, which offers kitesurfing equipment leasing working both with shops and brands directly. In short, something to find your happiness =)